2011 Hyundai IX20

ThumbnailYeah... I have completed my 3D Works it's converting car again. LOL I convert the Hyundai IX20. I converted that car with a long time because, first test, the car not spawned in game But, I'm try and try again, and the car is spawned next time The interesting moment is, I was convert the car in my sister laptop/netbook. Her... [Baca selengkapnya]

Lamborghini Reventon

ThumbnailHere it is.. My second converted car My first car is too ugly, and I not share it This is the information of Lamborghini Reventon Original model     : NFS Shift 2 : Unleashed Ripped by             : Riva Featured mod : - HQ exterior and interior - Adapt ImVehFt (all lights, calipers/hub, steering) - 3D Plate This is the preview, check this :mrgreen Free for download, and please... [Baca selengkapnya]

Requested 3D Plate

Here it is mrgreen

This is 3D plate is requested by my friend, Irvan Purba.
He requested to me to make his own 3D plate biggrin

This file has a password, because it is VIP for him xD

Here Irvan Purba, your plate mrgreen

My New 3D Plate

ThumbnailIn this post, I will preview my new 3D Plate.. Yeah, I have completed my new 3D Plate with my ZModeler. I have completed it in 40 minutes, I guess :/ You can request your 3D Plate to me or to the other 3D Modeler Informations : Tool used                     : - ZModeler 2.2.4 (making the 3D model)                                        - Adobe Photoshop CS4 (making... [Baca selengkapnya]
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